SSOFT’s web­site has been designed and devel­oped with the needs of stroke sur­vivors with sight loss and dis­abil­i­ty in mind. 

We have also tak­en on board guid­ance from stroke sur­vivors and best prac­tice on web accessibility.

We are com­mit­ted to ensur­ing every­one can access our web­site. This includes peo­ple with sight loss, hear­ing, mobil­i­ty and cog­ni­tive impair­ments as well as for use on mul­ti­ple devices.

If you have any com­ments and or sug­ges­tions about our web­site please let us know.

Changing Text Size

The SSOFT web­site has been built so that you can change the text size with­in your inter­net brows­er to a size that suits you.

In new­er inter­net browsers, hold down the CTRL/​Apple key and press + and — to change text size.

In old­er browsers, go to View then Text Size and select your pre­ferred size.

Using your keyboard to navigate the website

Use the arrow keys on your key­board to scroll up and down a page.

To jump from the top to the bot­tom of the pages use the page up and page down buttons.

Use the tab but­ton to go to the next form field or hold down shift and press tab if you want to go back to the pre­vi­ous one.

Opening PDF documents

Mod­ern browsers can now show PDFs, how­ev­er you may still need a PDF read­er on your com­put­er, there are sev­er­al available:

If you have trou­ble, con­tact us direct­ly and we will send you the doc­u­ment in anoth­er format.