About ESO

The European Stroke Organisation (ESO) is a pan-European society of stroke researchers and physicians, national and regional stroke societies and lay organisations.

SSOFT has been devel­oped in part­ner­ship with The Euro­pean Stroke Organ­i­sa­tion. Found­ed in 2007, ESO is an NGO (Non-Gov­er­men­tal Organ­i­sa­tion) com­prised of indi­vid­ual and organ­i­sa­tion­al members.

ESO’s aims

By chang­ing the way stroke is viewed and treat­ed, the ESO aims to reduce the bur­den of stroke across Europe and will:

  • Pro­mote aware­ness, man­age­ment, teach­ing and research
  • Har­monise stroke man­age­ment, region­al­ly and nationally
  • Edu­cate med­ical pro­fes­sion­als and the public
  • Pro­mote pub­lic poli­cies to reduce deaths and improve stroke care
  • Take part in fundrais­ing and pre­ven­tion programmes
  • Coor­di­nate inter­na­tion­al teach­ing pro­grammes through national/​regional organisations
  • Advise and guide on fundrais­ing skills to enable nation­al foun­da­tions and soci­eties to finance a greater lev­el and range of activities

ESO Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is supported by representatives throughout Europe

Dr. Bart Van der Worp

Dr. Bart Van der Worp


Utrecht, Netherlands

Bart van der Worp is a neurologist with a special interest in cerebrovascular diseases at the University Medical Center in Utrecht, the Netherlands. He has been (co-)Chief Investigator of the randomised clinical trials HAMLET, PAIS, COOLIST, and VAST and is (co-)Chief Investigator of PRECIOUS (www.precious-trial.eu), APACHE-AF (www.apache-af.nl), and MR ASAP (www.mrasap.nl).

Prof. Martin Dichgans

Prof. Martin Dichgans

President Elect

Munich, Germany

Martin Dichgans is a Professor of Neurology at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, LMU (Munich, Germany). He is the Founding Director of the Institute for Stroke and Dementia Research, Director of the Interdisciplinary Stroke Center Munich, and on the Board of Directors of the DFG funded Excellence cluster ‘Munich Cluster for Systems Neurology (SyNergy)’.

Prof. Urs Fischer

Prof. Urs Fischer

Secretary General

Bern, Switzerland

Urs Fischer is the “Professor for Acute Neurology and Stroke” at the University Hospital (Inselspital), Bern. He is co-chair of the Stroke Center Bern, chair of the Acute Neurological Inpatient Department and co-director of the Clinical Trial Unit (CTU), University of Bern.

Prof. Valeria Caso

Prof. Valeria Caso

Past President

Perugia, Italy

Valeria Caso is a stroke neurologist at the University of Perugia Stroke Unit. She earned her PhD from the University of Perugia in stroke medicine in 2003 and has been recently certified in the role of associate professor in Neurology.

Miquel Gallofré

Vice President

Barcelona, Spain

Charlotte Cordonnier

Vice President

Lille, France

Daniel Strbian


Helsinki, Finland

George Ntaios

Member at Large

Larissa, Greece

Peter Schellinger

Member at Large

Minden, Germany

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