Why should I use SSOFT?

SSOFT can help you put stroke on the agenda

“We want every person in our country to get equal access to acute stroke treatment and diagnosis”.

Anita Arsovska

Fyr Macedonia (Macedonian Stroke Association) | Macedonia

SSOFT can help support your group and raise awareness

“In Sweden today, we have between 70 and 80 local stroke associations”.

Ove Puisto

The Swedish Stroke Association | Sweden

SSOFT gives you the tools to plan and implement stroke activities.

“Workshops, lectures, self-help groups and organized physical activities”.

Jelka Jansa

The Slovenia Stroke Association | Slovenia

SSOFT can help you give the stroke patient a voice.

“We have a large number of stroke survivors that support our work”.

Chris Macey

Irish Heart Foundation | Ireland

SSOFT can inspire you to gather evidence and change policy.

“We speak to different organisations like the Brain Council, the health directorate, local communities”.

Bjørn Bakke

The Norwegien Association for Stroke Surviviors | Norway

and it helps us unite in our cause to improve stroke prevention, diagnosis and after care.

Welcome to SSOFT

SSOFT (Stroke Support Organisation Faculty Tool) is an online education resource to help us all take action and speak up, connect and make change across Europe. Whether you have experienced stroke personally or professionally, we all want the same thing: to improve stroke prevention, diagnosis, treatment and after-care.

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What is SSOFT?

SSOFT takes every­thing we know about run­ning and grow­ing a Stroke Sup­port Organ­i­sa­tion (SSO) and breaks it down into bite­size learn­ing mod­ules for you to work through – at your own pace – online. It is designed to help any­one who is, or aspires to be, a stroke advo­cate to devel­op their skills, knowl­edge and resources.

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About SAFE

SSOFT is brought to you by SAFE (Stroke Alliance for Europe), a non-prof­it-mak­ing organ­i­sa­tion that rep­re­sents a range of stroke patient sup­port groups from all over Europe.

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SSOFT helps SSO’s just like yours to take action

Eli's Story

How the Catalonian Stroke / Vascular Disease Foundation was founded.

Bjørn's story

How Norway is raising stroke awareness by inviting the general public to meetings.

Anita's Story

How the Macedonian SSO advocates for improved stroke care.

Jelka's story

How the Slovenian SSO set out their purpose.

All interviews were given on a voluntary basis and no fees were exchanged. The views and opinions expressed in the video are those of the individual and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Stroke Alliance for Europe (SAFE).

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